Lab Rescue

On April 21 and 22, 2013, Labrador Rescue and Safe Haven Pet Rescue were invited to bring some of the dogs looking for homes to the Pet Value on Grant Avenue in Winnipeg. Two black boys, Rebel and Barclay, had been there before and they were set to go on alternate days. A collie was going on Saturday which left one spot open. But who to take?? It was decided that an 8 yr old black male named Twizzler would go as he had never been to one. He had been in the rescue kennel for 7 years. YES 7 Yrs Black boys are the hardest ones to place so there was hesitation in taking him.

It was a very busy day at the store – lots of people visited with the dogs and asked a lot of questions. One of the recent adoptees, Sugar, came by to visit with her new family and stock up on some new toys. A nice couple asked if they could take Twizzler for a walk and they seemed to like him.

At the end of the weekend, the colllie was adopted. She has gone on to her new home. Barclay and Rebel are still waiting and will be going to the Adoption Fair in Niverville May 11.

The nice couple called on the Monday after and asked if they could adopt Twizzler! After 7 years, this is truly a gift. When his new family came to get him, he raced out of the kennel to meet them. He could hardly wait to get in the car. I am sure he will be a welcome addition to his new home. Blake and Helen you are wonderful people to have considered this boy. Thank you for giving him a chance. I understand he is doing very well..sleeping indoors at the foot of the bed.

The Rescue program has been in operation for about 23 years and we have been very fortunate to find forever homes for the dogs. Some have adopted more than one dog which is a testament to the value of the program. We would not have the success without the devotion and commitment of Hilda Hiebert of Safe Haven Pet Rescue. I cannot thank you enough.

There is a home for every dog, I believe – It is just a matter of time (and timing)

– Susan Trigg

PS – Rebel has been waiting 4 years for a home–lets see if we can help him find his Happy Home.

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